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  1. Rosalie Markovics says:

    Great post. I believe we don’t trust our intuition as much and it can help us. I know I am automatically drawn or repulsed by certain people by the way they talk and express themselves. It helps you discern who you can trust.

    1. Yes, it’s a missed tool that can help many people navigate without effort. Glad you are using yours.

  2. I appreciate your website, however I think you might check the spelling of a few of your postings. Even though I find it quite difficult to tell the truth because so many of them have spelling errors, I will most certainly return.

    1. Thanks for commenting and letting me know. It’s interesting that even with Grammarly, there can still be errors. I’ll go back and make the necessary changes. I’m also trying to move past my perfectionism stage… otherwise, I’ll keep holding myself back by being my own critic, haha.

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